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As always, our crew will provide recommendations for the best and newest mobile games of the week. Quite a number of new games have appeared this week as well as many games that are holding events or the latest interesting updates and of course it's a shame if you miss it. Our crew has summed it up and picked some of the best, what are the games? Let's just take a look.

1. LifeAfter

LifeAfter is the latest game made by NetEase Games (Rules of Survival, Onmyouji Arena) which is a survival type and is an English version of the previous game entitled The Day After Tomorrow. A mobile game depicting human survival in a post-virus apocalyptic world.

free download android games - LifeAfter itself has a concept that may be familiar to you, namely survival in a world full of chaos that is attacked by a zombie outbreak. Players are required to survive, either by hunting for edible plants, looking for resources to make weapons, to building camps so they don't freeze to death. All these realistic aspects are aided by stunning graphics quality. Interested in tasting it? .

2. MT4-Lost Honor

The year 2019 looks like it will be a very interesting moment for you World of Warcraft fans, because there is good news coming from this MMO game that the KotGa Crew will introduce, because this western fantasy MMO mobile game will make World of Warcraft fans feel a different playing experience. similar on mobile with the style of job classes and interesting world backgrounds.

Named MT4-LOST HONOR, this game is an open world mobile MMO that has a fairly hardcore gameplay, and is suitable for you gamers who crave mobile games that don't just play auto play. Carrying the slogan "Raid For Honor," this game not only tests your toughness in playing personally but also tests your cohesiveness in conquering very challenging BOSS.


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