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Blood Born

Book Four of the Guardian Series

The week before Olivia Dawson died, everything changed. Her little publishing house that could started pumping out best-sellers. New York’s Prince-of-Publishing Rhys Callas offered to buy out her company. And her experimental cancer treatments finally seemed to be working. Who could’ve known that after her death life would literally suck.

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Magic Born

Book Two of the Guardian Series

The last of her clan, Maria Del Voscova has been running from shadows her entire life. Neeren Simine, ruthless King of the Parthen was born in shadow. When darkness comes to claim her, can she learn to trust the one man she fears above them all?

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Air Born

Book Three of the Guardian Series

New Guardian, Quinn Taleisin, blames Lachon Findel for her Mother’s death. When she’s asked to work with him to stop an evil warlock murdering young immortal women, can she finally put the past behind her or will their history destroy any chance at saving the future?

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Fire Born

Book One of the Guardian Series

When Alex Taleisin’s immortal DNA kicks in after a fight for her life in the YMCA parking lot she turns to the one man guaranteed to keep her alive—Collum Thronus, Guardian of the races and savage King of the Dragons.

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